New special MAKE8ELIEVE very limited edition “GUN” with Ruru Alonso, ANGVS, Ian Cross, Moon Patrol, Sylvie Fleury, Alexey Frey, Helen Grundy, Edurne Herrán, Akis Karanos, Charles Mintz, Olive, Stéphanie Probst, Jean-Marie Reynier, Maciej Toporowicz, Sam_art_tha and James Wong. Yes the title is not “GUN” anymore.

Limited edition of 16+49 books. A5 shaped once closed. 44 pages, color, laser printed in Switzerland on 135gm paper.

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Swiss: Fr.15.- +shipping = Fr.17.-
Europa: 15 Euros +shipping = 20 Euros
World: $15 +shipping = $21
Each participant gets 1 free + more at a special price.
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