With Eliza Fernand, Marcus Thinh Anthony Thibodeau, Je, Nyx, Caroline Campion, Alice Avery, Caleb Yono, Yana Tarakanova, Ally Zlatar, Keith Buswell, MMM + Cetusss.

DRAG is a show that carries a political fight for human (universal) rights, a freedom of choice. A freedom through and beyond binary identity. A freedom of expression. A freedom of genre. DRAG is TRANS LOVE. DRAG is for everyone who needs and wants to see and be humans anew. DRAG is not sexual. DRAG is sexual. DRAG is intelligence and prowess. DRAG is multiplicity. DRAG is shapeshifting. DRAG is armor. DRAG is the fire within. DRAG is the unconscious boiling to the surface. DRAG is a monstrous dagger. DRAG is love.

DRAG was born out of a LGBT… political struggle. DRAG has become commercialized but perhaps still favors a trivialization of genres; this can aid new generations to become aware and expressive, to color “outside of the lines” and to strut and stomp through the grid of oppression. DRAG is an anti-suicide movement. Drag is the performance of living.

DRAG is an extra large vitamin. DRAG is a party.

M_m<M and Cetusss. November 2021.